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Explore our current offerings featuring a carefully curated list of responsibly sourced products. Each item in our collection is available for white labeling, allowing you to customize based on your specific requirements. Discover a range of consciously selected products, ensuring quality, ethical sourcing, and the flexibility to align with your brand. Welcome to a world of responsible choices at Quaricle Overseas – where our products reflect our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Baggasse Kitchenware

Explore our Bagasse Tableware – an eco-conscious alternative to disposable paper and styrofoam plates. Make the switch without compromising on quality and make a positive impact with every meal


Bamboo Products

Explore our Bamboo Collection, featuring eco-friendly essentials like our Bamboo Toothbrush. Make the switch for sustainable oral care and discover a range of bamboo products, blending functionality with a minimal environmental footprint.


Paper Cups

Introducing our Eco Paper Cup and Takeaways Collection – where convenience meets sustainability. Choose our eco-friendly Paper Cups for your beverages, offering a responsible alternative to traditional options. Elevate your takeaway experience with products that make a positive impact on the environment. Explore more sustainable choices in our collection, crafted for a greener, on-the-go lifestyle


Areca Palm Kitchenware

Discover our Areca Palm Tableware – a perfect blend of sustainability and style. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, these chic pieces redefine your dining experience while caring for the planet. Make a conscious choice without compromising on elegance.

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Organic Cotton and Alternative Material

Explore our Organic Cotton Collection – conscious comfort for a greener lifestyle. From clothing to home goods, our products embody sustainable living. Discover more eco-friendly alternatives across our range.


Steel Tableware

Explore our Steel Tableware – where durability meets elegance for sustainable dining. Elevate your setting with timeless stainless steel essentials, designed for lasting use and minimal environmental impact.



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